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Based on the stuff I tried last week, I made roast rabbit with vegetables tonight. This time the vegetable layer had:

sweet potato
white potato
fennel bulb
(I wanted to add nuts and dried cranberries, but I forgot - I had also thought about turnips or parsnips in the mix as well, but forgot until after we'd left the grocery store.)

On top of that I put a butterflied rabbit, and roasted away.

Everything got seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. The veggies got tossed with olive oil - the meat isn't necessary - this would make a fine veggie dish without the meat, though I'd defintiely want the nuts in if I went that route. We ate it with some tasty tipsy cranberry sauce.

I wouldn't use rabbit next time - it's not the best roasting meat, and it's hell to carve. I used bunny because I happened to have one in the freezer. Next bunny will end up stewed, I think. The jus this produced was great, however - the apple really brought the sweetness up, which I thought worked really well.

I now have a big mess in the kitchen which I should make some attempt to clean up before bed.
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