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The apartment is a mess. I lack the energy to do anything about that at the moment. I must do dishes and filing tomorrow.

I want to work on my masks, but the aforementioned mess is enough that there are no unoccupied flat surfaces in the apartment.

My ipod is sick - it won't sync to the computer, and the files on the ipod are damaged - it thinks it has songs on it, but it can't actually play them. The ipod won't reboot, either. I am going to try to run its battery down overnight by having it play nonexistant songs, and see if that gives it enough of a kick to get it going again. If that fails, I will have to head out to best buy to see if they can weasel out of maintenance on it. I

I would take it in tomorrow, but best buy will be unreachable tomorrow due to the Toronto Marathon closing half the roads in the city, including the one my street empties on to.

This sounds like a job for... good things list!

  1. I managed to avoid being at work this weekend

  2. I am drinking awesome ginger tea with dark rum, based on corbet's recipe, but with more ginger, and without the star anise. I have a full one litre bottle full of left over, and I think I'll be able to use the ginger, etc. to make another batch later.

  3. Revisiting connections

  4. Getting to scratch the roleplaying itch a bit

  5. Finishing off the bunny - I turned what was left of the meat, and some of the veggies, into bunny stew that was tasty.

  6. Actually having a lazy day at home

  7. edit at 12:46 - I left the ipod playing with its inability to play songs. the HDD whirred away madly, and in an hour the power ran out, and it finally rebooted. It seems fine now.

  8. Further edit:We're getting MirrorMask!

  9. I stumbled upon a song I've been looking for for a while now.

Tags: three_good_things, toys, whine

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