Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Progress has occurred on both mask projects. The skull mask has all the teeth and cheek bones glued on - now I need to go around and clean up the edges with some epoxy putty, then start painting it. The birch mask now has four hair protrusions. I'm still trying to work out exactly how I'm going to work the second row - it will depend s on how "full" the first row ends up looking. I think I'm going to end up just tying loops in string around the cedar "hair" for the second row - cedar bark isn't strong enough to support drilled holes without splitting, so knot and glue are the better choice, I think.

Fabric purchasing for the Masque of the Red Death costume is probably going to have to wait until next weekend, I think, since this weekend is promising to try to kill me, scheduling-wise - or at least, Saturday is. Sunday, I intend to do laundry and sleep.
Tags: creative_projects
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