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Best Buy won't fix the ipod because it's still under Apple's warranty - this means I have to send it to Apple myself, pay the $40 shipping, then take the invoice back to Best Buy who will get a cheque for $40 mailed to me. Behold the convenience of getting the extra service plan from Best Buy.

I have Warrior Port. It's not bad, but a little sweet.

I am going to try to make "God Funeral Wine" ala Neil Gaiman's Anasi Boys tonight - the flavours described are "bitter", "rosemary", and "salt" (from the tears of virgins, natch)

My proposed recipe:
1 bottle of cheap red wine
"some" inexpensive port (i.e., warrior port)
kosher salt
angostura bitters and/or gioia bitter (weird Italian thing I picked up at the store - very bitter, but also sweet)

I'm a little worried about the entire thing ending up too sweet, which is why I'm considering leaving out the gioia, even though it's the right level of bitter. I had also considered using the orange or lime rind with the white left in, but I think the citrus flavour would kill off the rosemary. For similar reasons, I'm leaving out the cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg I'd been pondering adding. The idea is to heat the mixture so that the rosemary flavour comes out - the port should make sure that the end result is potent

I also started a green chili and ginger infused vodka. We'll see how that works out.

I need to remember that I have to make my yoghurt cheesecakes tonight.

This may be the worst spicy tuna roll I have ever eaten - mushy tuna that has obviously been frozen, and hot sauce. I can taste the hot cause, (beyond the spiciness) and can't taste the tuna. This is what happens when you buy grocery store sushi.
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