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The Dresden Dolls were amazing last night. The little shows between acts were a pleasant surprise - I hadn't been expecting it. Definitely a hell of a lot better than the normal boring music that doesn't sound at all like the bands playing that one normally gets between acts.

The show opened with Fawn Fable. Not quite my music, but still enjoyable - at first I'd been expecting a sort of generic "angsty chick with acoustic guitar" type thing, but she had a lot of energy in her songs, and got me moving.

Next up was Devotchka (which I probably misspelled). I didn't like them at first - I found the vocals a little too "U2" for my tastes. I was won over, though, by their exceptional skills - they were technically very good (as far as I can tell with my musical retardation). Instruments featured included guitars, accordion, drums, violin and trumpet. There were only three band members, and there was much swapping of instruments. Once they pulled out the violin, I was caught, and was swaying away.

The Dolls themselves had me jumping and grinning. All in all, I count this as a successful night.
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