Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Friday five

From the altfriday5:

1. Have you ever fired a firearm at a target or other inanimate object? Why or
why not?

No - it's not something I've ever sought out, and no one in my acquiantance has ever offered. I have learned from paintball that ranged weapons aren't really my thing, anyway.

2. Have you ever fired a firearm at a living entity (animal or human)? Why or why

No. I don't really like the idea of shooting an animal, unless I needed the food (and animals like deer are considerably more meat than I could eat myself - I'd consider it if I was trying to feed a tribe or something). Were I to hunt, I would rather to it with simpler tools (which is harder and more dangerous). Since I don't have to hunt to feed myself, stabbing a rabbit to death would just be unnecessarily cruel. I'm really not ok with shooting people.

3. Have you ever owned a firearm? Why or why not?

No. Guns are not my thing for self defense (and more on that below), and I'm not into sport shooting.

4. Do you feel that there should be restrictions on what types of firearms people
can own? What should the restrictions be (ranging from "none available" to "no

Yes. Canadian law is pretty consistent on the subject of self defense and weapons. The basic gist is "no". You can't own a gun to defend yourself. Carrying a knife to protect yourself is also a no-no. I have a big sharp thing collection, but if someone breaks into my apartment, I'm not going to try to spit them with a sword. I'm better off using a stick or my hands, and having the thief live to go to jail, from a legal standpoint.

The idea behind having guns at home is that guns are easier to use in defense than other weapons. Statistics that show people who have guns in the house are more likelely to accidentally shoot themselves or someone in the household indicate to me that this is not quite the case - guns appear to still require training, practice and care to use effectively and safely.

I think that guns have no place outside of a sport shooting range in an urban environemnt. In rural environments, arguments can be made for hunting and protection from hostile wildlife like bears and other predators. Handguns aren't any good for this, so there's no reason to have them around.

So - no guns in cities at all, and only hunting rifles and shotguns for rural areas. Restrictions on those guns allowed outlining safe storage and transportation (unloaded, locked seperately from ammo for transit at a minimum).

5. What do you feel a person should have to do or be in order to purchase a
firearm (ranging from "it should be impossible" to "walk to the corner store")?

Gun owners should be licensed, including tracking where they live. If you want to buy a gun at your local shooting range, go for it, but don't expect to be allowed to take it home with you.
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