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My weekend was awesome.

Friday I was fretting and fussing about various CHEESE prep things (though much less than expected due to the awesomeness of corwin77).

Saturday was spent sewing and shopping with corwin77, bleakenigma, tygerdsebat, thekat03 and Tod whose LJ name I can't remember. These worthies get special thanks for helping us pull everything together, and more than earning thier crash space. :)

Then, CHEESE! It was, I beleive an unqualified success - I didn't even have to force anyone into a costume this year! The second batch of Naked Warrior God Funeral wine didn't turn out as well as the first (too much salt this time), but both it and the ginger tea ended up all getting consumed. We managed a fairly broad cross section of friends to CHEESE this year, and had about the right number of people - enough to fill the place, but not to overflowing.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a success, and for putting in the effort for such keen costumes!

Sunday was recovery - eating primarly leftover fruit, veggies and hummus from CHEESE, and playing Primal on the ps2. The evening featured a fantastic dinner courtesy of the LizardRents.

Today, I am in mild gastrointestinal discomfort, very tired, and being paged a great deal. I am not, however, miserable, largely due to having had a great weekend.

In other news, I really need to compile my CHEESE pictures, put away laundry, and compile a giftlist for the grandmothers for the impending BirthMas time period.
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