Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


Name one CD you own that no-one on your friends' list has:

The Glory of Destruction, a compilation of Industrial bands that I've never seen mention of anywhere else.

Name one book you own that no-one on your friends' list has:

This is going to be a hard one, given how many geeks, nerds, gamers and bibliophiles I have on my flist... Inspecting the Vaults by Eric McCormack. (and given how many people on my flist went to U(W), even that's not safe - McCormack is/was a prof there)

Name one DVD/VHS you have that no-one on your friends' list has:

That brutally terrible porn I bought for the first Beta Colony Tequila and Porn party. At least, I *hope* no one else has it.

Name one place you've visited that no-one on your friends' list has:

Streetsville's Bread and Honey festival.
Tags: meme

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