Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

resolutions of the flesh

Cut since some of this stuff can be triggery for some folks

The office move has had a fairly significant effect of my well-established patterns of eating and exercising. I'm no longer taking the TTC places, which means I'm doing a lot less walking, and a lot more driving.

The gym located in the new office has meant that I've been working out a lot more (instead of racing to finish my workout in 2 hours, I can now let it go to nearly 3 hours without significantly impacting my time of home arrival - such is the power of rush hour traffic), and similarly, I'm less likely to skip a workout because I don't feel like it - since the alternative is spending 90 minutes in soul-destroying traffic.

On the food side, my coworkers and I are currently running around every day at lunch finding good places to go. This has resulted in my eating out way too much, eating food that's bad for me, and since a lot of these places are turning out to be buffets, I'm eating way too much.

My plan for this week - I have 4 lunches prepped already. I will probably end up going out once, but at least this is an improvement. My wallet should also thank me. I'm probably only going to have 3 nights available to hit the gym, but the first of those will be spent going through my new program. I intend to spend my lunches in the new comfy chairs, out of the line of sight of coworkers, and hopefully actually get some reading done - I'm avaeraging about 3 pages a week since the office move, which is really bugging me.
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