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I had a fantastic workout tonight. I remembered how to do my chi gung properly, which meant that I finished with more energy than I started with. The weight I put on over the past couple weeks decided to fall off today (it likely will be back late, but it made me feel good today)

After showering and changing, I went outside. AND IT WAS SNOWING! I was very happy. Then the post-workout endorphins hit. And kept coming in waves all the way home. I drove through light traffic (a first this week), dancing in my seat, with a grin from ear to ear. I cannot describe how good the endorphin rush is. If every workout made me feel that way, I'd be going to the gym every available moment. Better than any drug I've ever tried.

Upon getting home, I did some impromptu fridge repair, and whipped up a simple healthy dinner. Then, neeuqdrazil came home, and there was the cuddling.

I declare tonight a success.
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