Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Meme! Me vs the Monkey

Your Final Quiz Score: 43 right out of a possible 60
The Monkey's Final Score: 13 right out of 60

You asserted your intellectual superiority brilliantly! The monkey is now left contemplating his own inferiority. Where others have failed to claim the mantel of unequivocal dominance over lesser species, you have truly succeeded! Congratulations on besting the ape and reaffirming the capabilities of the human mind. You have done mankind proud.

You scored in the 94th percentile.
(94% of quiz takers scored worse than you)

Your score: 12
Monkey's score: 2
-- Quite well done.
Your score: 11
Monkey's score: 4
-- Nicely done.
Your score: 10
Monkey's score: 3
-- Well done.
Random Trivia
Your score: 10
Monkey's score: 4
-- A handy defeat of the monkey.

Link: Trivia Quiz at

I cheated with my psychic monkey powers.

Actually, I kicked myself for most of the ones I got wrong. I should have known the plant not native to the Americas, and almost got the Sega Master system one right. There were only 3, maybe 4 that I had no idea at all on.
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