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I didn't sleep very soundly last night - a lot of waking up over the course ofthe night. This tends to leave me with more remembered dreams than usual.

I remembered two dreams when I woke up, but the first is kind of fuzzy.

I was with corwin77, and we were both interviewing for some kind of job. We talked to the HR person, a woman with dark hair and a blue power suit (skirt and shoulder pads). We were waiting around to hear back about the results, when there was some sort of impropriety on her part - stealing, or possibly sex, possibly with one of us. Whatever it was happened off screen, and wasn't clear.

While we were waiting, some kind of disaster occurred - I think it was bad weather. Afterwards, we were outside, and the streets were strewn with debris and weird little cartoon critters. I was using my phone to try to contact the HR person, either to resolve the relationship issues rasied by the sex, or to find out about the job - it wasn't clear.

I was in an appartment that strongly resembled the place I lived in Streetsville as a kid. I lived there with Zil, in the dream. We were having some sort of casual get together, and for some reason, I hadn't gotten dressed yet, and was walking around in my bathrobe. I was in the master bedroom, where the computer was, and all the other people in the room were women. I was sitting on the edge of the bed, when another woman who I recognized but won't name here, came into the room. At that point I realised that the bathrobe had fallen off somehow, and I was essentially naked. I was embarrased, and covered up, since I knew she didn't want to see me naked. The other women in the room were too busy with the computer to notice. The woman confirmed that she wasn't interested in seeing me naked, but didn't seem upset. I said that I had better go get dressed, and did so.

After getting dressed, I went into the bathroom, and turned on the sink. Green dye started pouring out all over the place, and overflowed the sink. This was, in the dream, because the people who lived above us were tattoo artists, and this was green tattoo ink. I went to clean up a bit, and went out to the kitchen to get more paper towel.

The kitchen was somehow in the other side of a small courtyard type thing - there was a barbecue or similar type of event going on, with a picnic table and lawn chairs. There was more green ink on the floor next to the kitchen, and I cleaned that up while talking to other party goers. At this point, I noticed that there were other men around - they were sitting in lawn chairs and drinking beer, wearing t-shirts with short sleeved button downs over top, and shorts and sandals (yes, all of them, though in different colours and patterns). There was some more conversation of the geeky variety, and then I went back towards the bathroom to finish my cleanup. I stopped to grab some food (some kind of thinly sliced meat in a heavy red sauce), and felt guilty about how long I'd left the bathroom green.

The bathrobe bit is interesting, since me showing up naked in front of people is a fairly well established symbol in my dreams (generally it means that I'm starting to trust someone). It hasn't showed up this way in quite a while.
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