Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Friday Five

From the altfriday5:

1. Do you ever friends-lock your posts? Why or why not?

Frequently. Anything that mentions work, even casually, is generally locked - it wouldn't be hard for my employers to find this if they looked. Anything that I don't want people I don't know reading, I lock. I don't tend to do opt-in filters - if I want to give people the option of seeing or not seeing my posts, I use LJ cut and they can click or not. I use locking to restrict people I don't want reading my posts from seeing them.

2. Do you ever make private posts (posts that only you can see)? Why or why not?

Very rarely. I get uncomfortable making posts that those closest to me can't read - it feels like I'm running around behind thier backs. This senitment doesn't run both ways, strangely.

3. Do you ever use friends groups to filter who can read particular posts? Why or
why not?

Fairly often. I have a fair number of people on my flist, and different comfort levels in terms of what I'll share with them.

4. You find out that a good friend has been making posts that are filtered so
that you can't see them. How do you feel (unconcerned, curious, anxious)? What about
if it was someone you were dating? An ex? An acquaintance?

I assume all the people on my flist are making posts I can't see at various times, even the people I'm dating. It doesn't bother me - those most important to me, I trust to tell me if there's a problem with something I'm saying, doing, or not doing. If someone outside of that close circle is talking about me behind my back, that's their choice.

5. Make up a fifth question on this topic and answer it.

Do you get weirded out when someone friends you without asking first?

No, no I don't. If someone wants to read my LJ, good for them.
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