Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

It's magic

The gym makes things better - I've shaken off the blahs I spent the day in. Now that traffic should be sane, I'm going to go drive home before I crash. Then, BLUE! and Vacation!

I had my first paid for personal training session today. The whole experience had gotten me to re-evaluate my goals as far as fitness goes, and I was kind of surprised by the answers I came up with.

To that end, C., my trainer, had me do a routine tonight that was very different than what I'm used to - I worked hard enough that I'm not even going to *feel* the workout until likely Sunday. Which is good, because I still want to make it to the FACT workshop tomorrow.

I've worked out 5 times this week, and tomorrow will make 6. I'm not going to pull that off every week, but having the gym at work is making a big difference. I'm hoping some time between now and February to do a drive by class both at something at FACT and my old jujutsu club, to compare how rough the commutes are. I'm contemplating trying to double up, and hit the gym here for a workout of some kind, then going to a martial arts class afterwards - the timing would work out for me. It's just a question of a) whether my body would let me get away with it, and b) if my brain would get pissed at the time spent away from home.

Regardless, I had pretty much plateaued with the program I was working on, even with frequent tweaking. I'm looking forward to what comes next.
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