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Vacation report

What I did with my birthday vacation: part one.


Work. Gym. BLUE!


MonkeyLizard Birthday Bash! Much fun was had. Thank you to all who attended.


Post-party dim sum! Birthdays dinner with the 'rents. Hanging with the Bastard.


Commuted from Hamilton. Did a lot of Laundry. Learned a lot from Midori and got to see both girlfriends, which made my birthday, as I'd been missing them both badly up to that point in the day.


Spent the entire day sitting in my bathrobe playing videogames, didn't move from the chair most of the day. Smelled bad.


Tourist in my own city day - went up the Tower with webby, walked on the glass floor, and went out for good food. Found a tasty restaurant that includes a $20 prix fixe, has a veggie option on the specials list, and has both Mill St. Coffee Porter and St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout on tap. Stayed up too late goofing around on LJ.

Tomorrow, I hope to go to the gym, since I haven't been at all this week. Then, board games with the Hammer crowd. Friday and Saturday nights are still open - if nothing else materialises Saturday night, I'll likely head down to Savage Garden or FunZenHausLounge.

Will I make it to the gym? A glance at my watch says perhaps not.

And now, to bed.
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