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Friday vacation check in

My week off hasn't gone quite as I'd expected. I've been a lot less active and ambitious than I had been planning to be.

I had figured that I'd at least stay up late goofing around - I only managed to stay up significantly later than normal once. So I've been going to bed at something approaching on time, and sleeping in until 8ish most days. I've been feeling surly and pissy, and, to a certain extent, lonely. I hadn't realised how much I've become the sort of person who feeds on regular contact from other people, even if its only my coworkers. I've been in one of those moods that always makes me think that there should be a long, complicated, hard to translate German word for. Not miserable, but... missing something.

Which isn't to say that there haven't been good points in the week - I've got to spend time with friends I haven't been seeing much of this week. Nor have I been sitting around at loose ends - if anything, I've been surprised just how much time I can fill doing nothing.

We haven't cooked at all this week - we've still got a lot of leftovers from last week, despite me eating out of the fridge all week. I also haven't been to the gym all week. It has occurred to me that part of my moodiness is connected to lack of fresh food and exercise. To that end, I will be shortly heading out to the gym to get some exercise, and to return my obscenely overdue books.

We'll see what effect the exercise has.
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