Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Linky of d00m

I've been collecting these for a week.

Movie files with artists

Marcel Duchamp, Joseph Beuys, John Cage and more. I haven't watched any of these.

German youths get nekkid for Jesus

NSFW: link is via Sensible Erection

Bibles for porn

SFW; my favourite line? “In my opinion, there are no atheists."

Facts on farts


The MetaWeb

Book annotations for, among other things, the works of Neal Stephenson

Sensible Erection brings you the masturbating cat

I have been too disturbed to watch this so far, so I pass on the pain to you.

Penn Jillette tells us there is no god

What lack of faith means to him.

Julia Sweeny talks about her loss of faith

18 minutes in; the episode is on "Godless America". Listen to the other stuff if you want to be upset about the state of the States, and more pissed off at the Christian Right.

Study suggests that porn does not make sex objects

‘This study suggests that mainstream pornography in Australia doesn’t represent women as sex objects, it shows them as active sexual agents.’

In the UAE - gay men forced to take hormone treatments

Because induced testosterone treatments are going to stop men from being gay...

Cthulu Lego

I want one.

Pope asked to suspend Limbo

State of interstitial state still undecided.

Canadian Favourites

For ex-pats missing comfort foods.

Canadian speeder stopper trials

I'm not sure this is a good idea

John Varley rants about drugs and sudafed

THOU SHALT NOT GET HIGH! ... except on alcohol. (and caffeine. and nicoteine. And...)

Dechlorinating the Moderator

Particle physicists gone wild! (fiction - by the talented Charlie Stross)

Accordian Guy on preparedness

Are you ready? I'm not. Gotta get a gas can and a few other things...

Further to that point - Emergency kits

I should also make up one of these...

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