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Return of the interview meme!

And if you want me to ask you interview questions, just comment below.

I was waiting until I'd gotten around to answering everyone who posted here to answer the interview questions... but every time I get part way through those a browser crash kills the half-finished answers.

So, on to the interview:

1. I've been largely out of the loop for industrial music since about 2001. At that time, my favorite albums were Covenant's "United States of Mind", And One's "9.9.99", Apop's "Sequencer", the second VNV Nation CD, and everything Foetus had ever done. With that in mind, what are ten albums that have come out since 2001 that I should own?

You know, I realise now that I don't have the year tag set on most of my mp3s... Anyway, though, in no particular order

  1. Icon of Coil, the Soul is in the Software: a little harder edged than VNV Nation or APB, with less good lyrics, Thrillcapsule is still one of my favourite "move" tracks, especially for the gym.

  2. Assemblage 23, Defiance. I am addicted to the track "Blindhammer" from this album.

  3. VNV Nation, Futureperfect. The jury is still out on the newest VNV (Matter + Form) - it's lot more psytrancey, and the lyrics are getting a little too preachy in spots, but Futureperfect is still a must-have.

  4. Neuroticfish, Gelb

  5. The Animatrix soundtrack - surprisingly, this has a lot of good music on in, and goes some distance to removing the bad taste in one's mouth from the second two Matrix movies.

  6. Apoptygma Berzerk's Harmonizer is one of my all time favourites.

  7. Assemblage 23's Contempt

  8. Project Pitchfork, Kaskade

  9. Rasputina and The Dresden Dolls both have releases out since 2001, but I'm not sure if either are quite your cup of tea.

  10. Not an album, but you need to check out Pandora - put in bands you like, it'll play stuff that sounds similar.

Also, you can safely ignore the last couple Nine Inch Nails albums - Trent's way too happy to be making top quality music these days.

2. You've changed yourself a lot over the years, and it's something I really admire about you. How do you pick a goal and work toward it, and what keeps you on track?

I pick goals as a by-product of cerebral debugging - part of having a strong tendency towards introspection is that I find things about myself that I don't like, figure out where they came from, and why I don't like them. Then I work towards changing the faulty programming. I have a positive and negative prod to keep myself on track - when I am in a good mood, I can focus on getting closer to what I want. In a bad mood, I use going to the gym or whatever as a form of self-punishment.

3. A mysterious benefactor gives you a fat wad of cash to take Lizard on a date...but it can't be in Toronto, or in fact, anyplace less than a two-hour flight from Toronto. (Fortunately, she also loans you a private jet.) Where do you take her, and what do you do?

I suck at "dates" - I can never think of anything exciting to do. Dinner at an expensive restaurant in Germany, followed by a Wagner opera. Arrange several hours of privacy on a warm day at Stonehenge. Put together a private concert for her with her favourite bands in New Zealand.

4. Good morning! You've woken up, and there's something strange...oh, hey, you're suddenly a girl! It'll go away when you wake up tomorrow morning, but...what do you do in the meantime? Besides the obvious? How do you think your life would be changed?

If I know it'll go away? Dress up. Women have much cooler clothes than men do. Hit the goth shops, spend a couple hours trying everything on, then buy one sexy outfit (I can return it tomorrow anyway, so price is no object). Then, the obvious.

5. How do you think you would be different, as a person, if you'd grown up in a town that was the same size and class level as your hometown...but in Texas?

I'd probably like guns as much as I like swords, now, and I'd probably like Robert Heinlein more. I'd probably be more of a Libertarian and less of a Socialist. The lack of Proper Winter would have had an incredible effect on me - my childhood would have probably ended up very medicated due to heat-related headaches. I suspect I would have travelled more to get away from Texas.

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