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Made it through the night, and brought back the sun

After missing the opening rit by 5 minutes, I made it to the Saturnalia party yesterday - the idea being to go from sundown to sunrise, to remind the sun to come back. I made it through the night, only dipping into the caffeine briefly for a small sip of coke.

I had a great time, though I had several opportunities to remind myself about a) directed communication (i.e., *talk* to people) and b) being stubborn FAR past the point of stupid. Case in point - the subway wasn't running when I left at 8am, so I decided to see how far I could walk before it started at 9. I got a little lost because, well, I'm me, and I was just a little tired. ME == GENEEOOS. So, I walked as far as Dupont station before I managed to get myself onto the subway.

I got home around 9:30, and neeuqdrazil let me sleep until noon. I'm still very tired, but I'm going to try to sleep another 8 hours tonight to get myself back on schedule. Fortunately, I'm stubborn far past the point of stupidity, so I just have to keep going for another few hours...
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