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Interview meme

Interview Meme
1. Do you want me to interview you? Leave a comment saying so.
2. I'll reply and give you five questions to answer.
3. Update your LJ with the five questions answered.
4. Include this explanation.
5. Ask people five questions when they want to be interviewed. And so on, and so on, and so on...

1.) One crazy night...Angelina Jolie or Rachel McAdams?

Angelina Jolie, no question - among other things, I'm only tangentially aware of who Rachel McAdams is.

2.) Which philosopher do you identify with more, Nietzsche (subjective relativist - the only reality we can know is that of which we each individually construct) OR C.S. Lewis (absolute truth or universal law - the absolute moral truth transcends time, culture and is applied to us all)? (or someone else all together?) Care to elaborate? *g*

Nietzsche, on the strength of his moustache alone, if nothing else. I'm an athiest, and don't really go for absolutes.

3.) What are your views on abortion?

Women should have the right to choose.

4.) When you die would you rather your body be buried or cremated (or something else)? Why?

I want to decay in the most expedient, least resource-intensive manner possible. I don't believe in life after death, nor do I have any other reason to want my meat to be preserved. Fertilizer, or being fed to people or animals appeals slightly. If people want a memento, I wouldn't be adverse to having my tattooed skin preserved, but the rest must go. Carve me up, use what's useful, and get rid of what's leftover.

5.) How attracted are you to the "hippie" ideal? (Meaning communal living, environmental and anti-war activism, sustainable living.) Why or why not?

I oppose war, and attempt to minimize the impact I make on the environment. I am far too misanthropic for communal living. I'm a hopeless pessimist, so my inability to believe in making the world better gives a lot of this the same pleasure as reading dystopian science fiction.

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