Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview meme

1. What is the sound of one hand clapping?


2. What's your favourite Gonads and Strife song?

Zombie Queen.

3. Choose one: Living with no technology of any kind or living alone on a space station with the highest of high tech.

That depends on what else comes with the no technology combo. I could give up my toys if I had enough company to keep me occupied.

4. Who's sexier Abby from NCIS or Curgoth?

I vote we get them both naked together to run trials to determine this.

5. Who'd win in a fight Steve Buscemi as the Incredible Hulk or Steve Buscemi as Batman?

Hmm. I think Bruce Banner Buscemi would be able to keep up with the sciencing of Bat Buscemi, while Bat Buscemi has nothing to compete with the invulnerability of the Hulk Buscemi. Also, The Hulk gets CGI, while Bat Buscemi just gets rubber nippes. I vote Hulk on this one.

Tags: interview, meme

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