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Time to close the tabs


Zombie Alert!

I doubt their experts

Plugging the analog hole

The entertainment industry continues to push for total control of everything you watch and hear.

Make your own flame thrower

I was looking for something to do while home by myself next week...

Who needs a warrant?

The U.S. gov't can track people through their cell phones without warrants now. Microchips planted under the skin not needed.

Britain to track every single car in the country

It's like a race to see which government can control privacy first!

David Brin on Transparent Society

Very brief summary - privacy is over. The fight should be to make sure that we can watch the watchers watch us.Also, I want to have David Brin's babies, even if he is a libertarian.

Tricks with itunes playlists

This is what finally got me to use itunes as my main music player, and to start rating songs. I have 5 stars set to play every day, 4 stars every week, etc. until 1 star will only play once every 3 months. Unrated stuff keeps going until I rate it. This lets me do the "shaping" I wanted to do a while ago, by, say, moving the vast amounts of Tom Waits down a few stars while leaving my favourite bands higher up.

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