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I think I may be starting to get neeuqdrazil's cold. I made 3 litres of burningly strong ginger tea last night, and will be carrying it around with me to kill the cold cooties before they can get comfy. Sickness is not an option. I think I may add some black peppercorns to my next batch of tea - I've been adding new spices each time. The cardamom pods seem to have made a difference, though I think I needed more citrus.

I've been noodling about clothes again. I have the fabric and general idea for a few items of clothing that I've been intending to make. However, I don't really have the ability to sew well enough to actually make the stuff I'm thinking of. So, when I have the money, I am thinking about getting some custom work done somewhere in town. I spent some time last night sketching out outfits. I think I might dress up a little tonight, just for the sake of doing so.

It has taken me all week, but I think I have finally shaken of the Grumpmas blues. I've switched over to my preferred nocturnal cycle (which is going to kick my ass when I go back to work), and am getting creative itches in the back of my head. I'm giving some thought to finally doing something with mr_deth. Also, there are several Things In Jars that I want to make. I should, however, really spend 4-5 hours before I go back to work, doing filing, since keeping the paper records for everything for the past two years is probably not the brightest of ideas.
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