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Elusive Things

There are a number of things that I've been hunting for, but haven't been able to find anywhere:

  • Laces for my 20 hole combat boots. I need laces at least 90" long.

  • Leatherworking materials. I want to start to make little bits of leather fashion accessories; bracers, chokers and the like. I have no idea where to go to get the tools needed, or, more importantly, the leather to work with.

  • Information on cold rivetting things. I can find info on how to rivet things, but they all seem to assume one is making one's own rievts. This is connected to the previous point.

  • Something to hang my swords off of. This is limited severely by not being able to drill or nail anything into the walls here.

  • A vest. That is, a semi-formal, relatively sedate vest with a watch pocket. They seem to have vanished from all the clothing shops. They were everywhere 5 years ago when I had no money...

  • Cheap used suit jackets. I want to have a couple jackets for wearing when I feel like being slightly more pretentious, but nothing I'd have to worry about getting dirty or sweaty. Something I could wear clubbing if the mood hit.


Apr. 23rd, 2002 07:31 am (UTC)
1 - Finding bootlaces that long is a giant pain. I make my own out of ribbon. Not quite as strong, but I havent had a problem yet. I also take 2 bootlaces & tie them together to make one long enough.

2 - Go here:
mmm, leathercrafty goodness.

3 - You are talking about rivets for leather & fabric, yes? You *should* be able to find them at a craft supplier. I think they have them at the above URL. I have another leathercraft catalog around here somewhere, I'll pass along the info if I dig it up.

4 - Thrift stores in NYC have a plethora of both vests and jackets, I can give you a list of places to check out if you ever find yourself down here.

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