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Resolution review

Last year I made a number of resolutions for 2005. Now that the year is done, I'm reviewing these to see how well I've done.

  1. Role play at least once a month Definitely did not pull this one off. The Hamilton gaming crew has pretty much disintegrated. If I want to game more, I think I'm going to need to find more people to game with. Anyone local want to play Amber, WoD, or any of the Tri Stat games? The other side of it, of course, is that I suspect I don't have enough time to guarantee being able to play at a set time each month.

  2. Go out clubbing at least once a month I've managed this one - I've been dancing more in 2005 than I have since I lived in KW in 97-98.

  3. Read one "serious" book for every three fluff books Another success. It slowed my reading down quite a bit, but I've been learning a lot more this way.

  4. Get the fucking car Done.

  5. More goth clothes This year saw an increase in lower body coverings in the monkey wardrobe.

  6. Wear goth clothes more often Moderate amounts of success, here.

Some time in the next week, I'll come up with some for next year. Or, perhaps not.
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