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1) Where did you first meet lintra? The Black Road, I think
2) What languages does soaring_phoenix speak? Geek, Craft, (other) Craft
3) Would zeldajean go out with dymaxion? I don't think so
4) What mental disorder does themusesbitch remind you of? Neologia
5) Has persephoneplace dyed their hair? At some point in her life? Almost certainly.
6) What animal should polarbecks be combined with? Her husband.
7) What would you do if you found out meatgirl has a crush on you? Be amused and confused
8) Is lintra friends with quasigeostrophy? It's probable that they've met, though I don't know how well they know each other.
9) Do you have a crush on mycrazyhair? She's a fantastic woman, but no crush just now.
10) What flavor of jello would dyadica be? Black currant and cider
11) If zeuropa and soaring_phoenix were spliced together, what would be its name? zoaring phoenopa
12) Did bleakenigma break up with you? no
13) Does meatgirl do drugs? not the illegal kind, so far as I know
14) If lintra commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? adoring geeks, and also pirates.
15) How many monkeys could daedamia fight at once and win against? two score and ten
16) When did you last call princesspoopy? I don't think I ever have... I hate phones!
17) If solar_mango were hanging off a cliff, what would tygerdsebat do? If she was nearby, help. If she was in another country, not notice.
18) Are neeuqdrazil and t0d going out? Not last I checked.
19) Does mzrowan drink? I don't know
20) What comic book character would semperfiona be? Jean Grey?
21) Are tygerdsebat and hippybngstockng married? Yes, but not to each other.
22) What planet should night__watch be from? One he made himself
23) What is mycrazyhair's shoe size? Smaller than mine
24) Have you ever dated persephoneplace? No, I haven't
25) What do you agree with dymaxion about? To a fair extent, women and fashion.
26) What is arrefmak's favorite band/artist? I haven't the faintest idea.
27) Does quasigeostrophy know ravensbreath? Not as far as I know, but it wouldn't completely shock me.
28) Which president would tafkar be likely to idolize? President Quinn!
29) Would you make out with kalivor? Sure, but I think we'd both have to drink a fair amount of warrior port beforehand
30) Where was immlass born? somewhere in the USA?
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