Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,


I was in a high school or post-secondary educational institute of some sort. Class had ended, and there was the predictable flood of people in the hallway. One set of double doors nearby was open, and sunlight was streaming in in golden rays - the light in the dream was more alive than in reality. The colour tone was mostly sepia tinted, with most of the students wearing black - several were wearing hats, including top hats and bowlers. Round sunglasses were also popular. I talked very briefly with an attractive young woman (who bore a strong resemblance to someone I saw at a party recently, who in turn reminded me of someone I met at another party further away several years ago), who seemed to return my interest. She was headed somewhere else, and I intended to follow her, but I had to put my boots on. I got them on, only to realise that I had managed to put on two pairs of boots, one over the other, and wouldn't be able to walk in this state. I had to remove boots and start the whole process again. By this time, the woman was gone, and I knew that I had "missed my chance". I was very frustrated and upset.

Dear brain - fuck off, already with the romance dreams.

In other, tangentially related news, I have come to the conclusion that my id and ego are getting up to Wanting things that aren't good ideas. Clearly, I have more Homework to do that I thought I did.
Tags: dreamtime, introspection

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