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Update, and GIP

It's been pointed out to me that I haven't been making many LJ posts recently.

The main reason for this is that I have been on vacation, and haven't been at my computer as much as usual. Mostly, I've been reading and playing Soul Calibur 3 (which, I should point out, is even more addictive than SC2).

I had intended to take some of my vacation time and get some creative work done. Unfortunately, the best I've come up with are a lot of custom SC3 characters, and 3 new LJ icons, one of which can be seen on this post.

On the plus side, vacation has meant that I've been able to rest and relax my way through my cold, which seems to be on the way out after only a week's stay. I've also had a number of lightbulbs on various relationship based things, which, while important, are a little too personal to post here. Having figured out a few things, I need to organize my thoughts on some things, and design a plan of attack to address them.

I've been slowly trying to readjust my sleep cycle this week from the nocturnal cycle that seems more natural for me (staying up until 2-3am, sleeping until 10-11), in the hopes that waking up at 6am tomorrow will be less of a shock. I've had much better luck getting up earlier than going to sleep earlier, so we'll see what morning brings tomorrow.
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