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Many dreams at least partially remembered from last night:

I was hanging out at a female friend's place. Her house mates were being annoying, and she was hiding in her room. Moreover, she and I were sitting in a sort of enclosed bunk bed, talking. After a while, I went out into the rest of the house, and ran into her sister, who was flirting with me. I was flattered, but also confused. I am pretty sure that I ended up naked in the house at one point, but in a non-sexual way, as tends to happen from time to time in my dreams.

In another dream, I was in a dark room, where an old man was talking to a woman I have met once (IRL). I remember sneaking along the ceilings, like a ninja. The woman and the old man were discussing secrets, possibly legendary prophecy type things. Somehow, it came up that I had faked or lied my adoption donation. The old man came to my room (which was my old room at my parents' place in Oakville), and yelled at me for not donating properly. I went digging for change in my pants pockets. The man was had a long white beard, a black robe, and a strange cap - I suspect I pulled the image from Orthodox clerics.

Yet another dream - it started with an idea that there had been a superhero-esque change in society in the 60s, and there were super powered people running around.
JFK was one such - he had very powerful telekinesis, and was running around, giving a press conference from a battleship/aircraft carrier that he was levitating around New York City with the power of his mind. There was a powerful Russian in the city who had strong magnetic powers, but didn't have the range of option that JFK did. There was a third powerful person around, but I've now forgotten what his power was. I was running through alleys at night with two other people, one of whom was a bag lady with some kind of hidden power.
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