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an evening.

I am such a yuppie. (And yes, night__watch, I knew this)

A Canadian Yuppie, even.

I have now had the sad experience of buying an appliance for my car, from Crappy Tire, based on the the smug, self-satisfied advice of Canadian Tire Guy. And been EXCITED about it. The elation I felt at having (and installing!) new wiper blades myself was far outweighed by the realisation of what had just occurred.

In other news, I got to make an extra trip across the city (and back again) when I found out that I had inadvertently ended up with someone else's expensive blue headlight bulbs. I'm not sure if taking them back to the store was the right thing to do - the person who bought them might now get ahold of them, and install them. And I'll be responsible.

In a more newsy side of things: Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair blames the middle class for the recent gun crime spree. The logic here is that if the middle class wasn't buying and using drugs, the criminals wouldn't be shooting each other and innocent by-standers in the streets. Read that very carefully. By that logic, would politicians be responsible for not legalizing those drugs, and therefore bringing down the entire drug trade? Or maybe we blame the social conservatives who oppose legalization? (look! I dodge blame for societal ills like a white, middle-class privileged male, too!)
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