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Sunday nights dreams featured such notables as man-dog hybrid mummified zombies savaging a small town in the American south, with Zil and I trying to stop them with the help of the junior mythbusters (with special appearance by Scotty as the Veterinarian/Doctor/Sheriff). Also appearing in the dream was the burning home invader, and Zil's elbow on my chin (that part wasn't so much in the dream as my face).

Last night, there were two dreams.

In the first, I was in the bedroom I used to have at my parents' place. I was standing next to the bed, where kalivor was sitting with an unspecified female fencer. They were playing with one or more hamsters. I warned them that the hamster was getting stressed out, and, as I had apparently predicted, the hamster started to pee on the bed. We dropped the hamster into it's cage, though the actual metal bars were off, so it was just in the tray filled with woodchips. At that point, we noticed the the three cats that, in the dream, my parents had, had come into the room, and were eyeing the hamster as a food source.

My mother chased the adult cats out, but the youngest, a bouncy grey kitten, was too quick for her. The kitten managed to get up on the bed, and was stalking the hamster before I got her, and dropped her into the hallway.

In the second dream, I was in a movie theatre. The film was the story of a young man whose mother had died. It was rife with symbolism, including a scene where the young man floated through a metal sheet and came through covered in liquid metal. The man sitting two seats over from me made a comment about the young man being mentally unstable and/or pretentious. At that point, the man sitting between us stood up - it was the man from the movie. He was yelling at the commenter, and generally being unstable.

The scene shifted, and now we were all on a bus of general school bus style manufacture, but bigger so that we could sit comfortably. The unstable man from the movie was there, but instead of being a slim man with receding red hair, he was now of average build, wearing typical teenaged goth/punk clothes - trenchcoat with misfits/damned patches, long black hair parted to the side, band t-shirt, etc.

He was still unstable. He was fighting with several other people on the bus. He stomped off, and I thought it was settled. Then several shots rang out, and five people on the bus went down. The pretty girl standing next to me (who, in the way of dreams, was suddenly someone to whom I had a strong emotional attachment), took a graze to her arm. The other four were shot more seriously - at least one was clearly dead, hit in the lung, others shot in the shoulder or legs.

I disarmed the crazy guy and broke his neck. I then went up front to drive the bus. As I started to drive to the hospital, the crazy guy's dog (who was in some way mystical/spectral) charged the front of the bus. I accelerated, and the dog bounced off the front of the bus.

There were 3 fire engines on the street near the hospital, and Imissed the entrance to the parking garage on the first try (there was a reason I wasn't going to the emergency drop off, but I can't remember it now). We went down a couple levels trying to find a place to stop. We then moved as a group upwards towards the hospital. Half way, part of the group decided that they were too poor to afford going to the hosital, and that I was screwing them over by taking them to the hospital.

There was much arguing, but we kept moving. We made it to the hospital, but at that point, the evil Ghost Dog and the ghost/zombie of Crazy Guy arrived, and while trapped on the other side of a heavy blue-painted steel door, were hammering their way through. I was getting ready to fight when I woke up.
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