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Last night at the gym, I decided to change up my cardio workout to see if I could get more out of it. Instead of 30 min on the cross trainer, 10 min. of kung fu and 5 min. on the rower, I did 10 min on the treadmill, 10 min of kung fu, 10 min on the bike, and 15 min on the cross trainer. I went nuts with the treadmill - rather than put it on "cardio" mode and let it adjust to keep my heart rate at a specific level, I put it on manual, and kept increasing the speed until I hit 10 mph, then kept that up. By the end, I was breathing sort of raggedly - definitely a harder push than I usually get. I didn't push as hard on the other cardio exercises, but the shorter time periods still meant that I was pushing harder to hit the desired heart rate in time.

I was tired, but feeling good at the end of my cardio. So, of course, I decided to do my haviest weight workout afterwards. I started to crash half way through, and was shaking and seeing spots by the time I was done. Last night I was tired, sore and grumpy.

Today, though? After some tiger balm on the sore muscles, I'm actually feeling really good this morning - I have energy, despite going to bed late, and I feel a bit bouncy, even. We will see if this lasts, or if I drop to my customary sullen mopiness. Lunch today will be at a cheap Indian buffet, which generally doesn't do me any favours. We'll see what my body lets me get away with at the gym tonight.
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