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more creative stuff

I've been sketching clothes I want, but can't make, due to lack of skill. I'm seriously considering trying to see if I can find someone in town to make some of these, and see how affordable it is.

On related notes:

Anyone have recommendations for sewing classes in Toronto? I'll have to learn how to use a pattern some day.

Also, anyone know where I can get opera gloves in men's sizes? How about how much a pair of riding boots should cost?

I don't have the cash to do any of this stuff right now, but my brain seems determined to think of stuff, so the rest of you get punished for it.


Jan. 25th, 2006 06:33 pm (UTC)

For the spider skirt, would the light gauzy underlayer get jammed between your legs? I have a light cotton long swirly skirt, and over the course of a day it get gummed up as I stride.

Hrm. I'm not sure - I think the fabric is stiff enough that it won't try to wrap around my legs.

For the Japaneseish skirt, I'd think the pocket near the lacing would introduce a structural weakness at a point that holds the weight of the skirt. But the upper-side-groin area is the best place to put pockets that should be hidden... Hm. One that opened from the top, a slit below the waistband, should work fine. (Oh, and thinking about skirt weight, would you have some triangle of fabric behind the
lacing to keep it from digging into your hips?)

I was thinking of having the lacing anchored to a reinforcement layer right along the sides - I had figured on the pocket sitting between that and the outer part of the skirt. I don't want fabric behind the lacing - I want it open. That way I can decide if I'm feeling bold enough to show off that much skin, or wear bike shorts/tights underneath, as well as drawing attention to the non-traditional parts of it. I figure if the laces dig too much, I just make sure I'm wearing a tight belt to hold up the weight rather than let the laces hold it up.

I bet you could find a hoodie pattern that would be nearly what you wanted for the hoodie...

See, this is why I need to get around to taking some classes - my current level of skill is such that I can sew basic square tunics/robes, but I can't do anything more advanced. I don't know how to operate a pattern, so I can only make things when I can see in my head how everything will fit together from scratch. Hence all these ideas that aren't currently going anywhere. :)

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