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Home from Savage Garden. Pleasantly, the more I exercise, the less my leg hurts - no pain at all at the moment.

I went and danced almost entirely non-stop for close to three hours. As is normal for nights when I don't arrange specifically for it, I didn't speak to anyone between the time I left work and, well, now, except to order drinks or give instructions to the cab driver. Savage was strangely empty tonight - I can only assume that there was something else exciting going on that I didn't know about.

I was crashing at 10:30 when I was getting ready, and so I had a diet coke, with two shots of 151 to ameliorate the effects of the caffeine while keeping me standing. The rum's all gone (but WHY is the rum gone!?) and the caffeine endures. I danced hard enough that I eventually *stopped* sweating, so now I am drinking water so that I can get hydrated so that I can drink alcohol so that I can sleep at some point.

I feel good. The music what what I wanted and needed, and I hit the right mix of chemicals in my system when I was there. Intellectually, I know that I should not try to stay up straight through to tomorrow night. We shall see how that works out. Now to go find food/drink and water.
Tags: caffeine_is_bad_for_me, doomed, dumbass, goth

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