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ACUS game selections

For those who care

Slot 1
Priority: 2
Choice 1
1-020 Five Sides To Every Story
Choice 2
1-050 Le Cygne: Bad Moon Rising
Choice 3
1-066 The Day of Heroes
Choice 4
1-059 Dr. Qua and the Glass of Suffering

Slot 2
Priority: 4

Choice 1
2-061 Brave New Genosha
Choice 2
2-011 Life, The Universe and Everything
Choice 3
2-022 Changing Hands
Choice 4
2-034 Tales of the Regency: The Road to Fair Elphame

Slot 3
Priority: 8

Choice 1
GM (No Higher Authority)

Slot 4

Priority: 5
Choice 1
4-051 Summit of the Gods
Choice 2
4-087 Men in Amber
Choice 3
4-069 Distant Realms: Turning the Page
Choice 4
4-088 Silver Spires

Slot 5

Priority: 1
Choice 1
5-072 When the Queen Says, "Go and Die..."
Choice 2
5-021 Clandestine Chronicles of the Cobalt Charter
Choice 3
5-064 Zombie Apocalypse
Choice 4
5-044 The Law of the Land

Slot 6
Priority: 6
Choice 1
6-001 Asylum
Choice 2
6-019 Supervillainy
Choice 3
6-052 Equalizer II: The Guns of Eregnor
Choice 4
6-094 Exponential

Slot 7
Choice 1
GM (coGM for After The Bomb)

Slot 8
Priority: 3

Choice 1
8-003 Dude! Who's Our Student Council President
Choice 2
8-095 Tunnels and Terrors of the Dreaming City
Choice 3
8-010 Fionastein
Choice 4
8-008 Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make...
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