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I went and saw BodyWorlds today, finally,with pez_minotaur who was, remarkably, not only on time, but a little early(!) and the fabulous grrlgoddess who was there waiting for us when we arrived. We romped around through the science centre for a while, and had a lot of fun (my karate chop is 71 kph! My grip strength, however, is low). The best parts of the OSC were closed, though, so we ended up wandering up to the BodyWorlds entrance early, where I ran into whynotsteve, moonlight_mile and the kidling, who'd already been through.

BodyWorlds itself was great. It didn't hit me with the same emotional impact it did others, but I sort of expected that. I was glad to have two black-humoured omnivores to go through with.

After that, there was videogames, work interruptions, food, David Bowie's package, and costume lust.

I'm *almost* recovered from this cold. Still can't breathe enough to go out dancing, though. I wanna get dressed up and pretend I'm pretty! I've nowhere to go, though, and I'm not feeling pretentious enough to watch tv in a velvet frock coat. I spent last night with a bottle of wine and my VPN connection to work answering pages. In exchange for becoming extroverted enough to enjoy parties, I know seem to have lost the degree of introversion that lets me enjoy long periods of being alone.
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