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Other things of note

The cold is nearly gone. The fever has been gone for a couple days, and the sinuses are mostly unblocked and drained. All that's left is to finish pumping out the lungs - hopefully the gym will clear that up after a couple moderate workouts.

Next weekend is, according to my calendar, still plan-free. On one hand, I should take advantage of this to catch up on the past 6-10 weeks worth of house work that I have been skipping in favour of social life. On the other hand, I really want to get dressed up in something frilly. Anyone have any ideas where I could go if I got all dressed up? Dancing's out because I sweat a lot, and most of that stuff is dry-clean only. Alternatively, I have resources to dress up another couple people if anyone feels like making an overdressed assault on some place.

I do not have to go into work topless tomorrow, thanks to the wonder that is hippybngstockng and uniquecrash5, and their loan of washing machine.

The computer needs fixin' still.

Now, sleep.

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