Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Much less emotionally involved dream time last night.

It started at my grandmother's place. I was there with neeuqdrazil. Courtney Love was also there, behaving badly - Zil was helping her spray some highly flammable fluid along the sidewalk, street and lawns of the area, then lighting it on fire. It was flammable enough that it burned off without damaging the underlying stuff. When my grandmother got upset, we told them that it was better to have Courtney Love doing this, which looked bad, but didn't damage anything, since the alternative would probably involve a lot more property damage.

In the next scene, I was driving in a small car along with my brother and grandmother, with two Japanese exchange students. We were pointing out sights along the highway, and I was trying to use my terrible Japanese. Then, we were getting on the subway, and the students were French instead of Japanese.

After that, I was on my own, and was in France myself. I was there with people I knew (work people, I think), but went out on my own to find a specific store. I had to go through a rough part of town. As I was walking along, a young thug came up and demanded money from me. (Or possibly, he wanted my phone/headset) He was carrying a length of metal pipe. I told him that I wasn't going to give him any money, and edged away from him. It didn't end up coming to blows. I ended up on a city block that has shown up in my dreams several times before, and walked from there to the big intersection, which had an Honest Ed's and a Future Shop, which is where I was trying to go. As I was going down the stairs to the Futureshop, I pass my former PM S. and his wife, who were in France on something unrelated.

In the final scene, I was in my parents' place, opening up some paper work. The paperwork was a welcome package for a new job, working for a shipping company of some kind. I was nervous about the new job, and concerned that I might not be doing the best thing by moving jobs.
Tags: dreamtime

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