Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Drink Recipe

New drink of the night.

Take three green chilies and a good sized hunk of ginger, slit, but do not chop the chilies. Drop into a mickey of vodka, leave for a few weeks - it should turn yellowish. You now have green chili vodka.

Fill a martini glass with ice, and pour in some sake.
Shake 1.5 oz of green chili vodka with ice.
Dump the sake and ice out.
Strain the vodka into the slightly sake'ed glass.
Here, one should garnish with something clever like a that basil leaf, a slice of ginger or maybe a sprig of cilantro or a curry leaf. I had none of these things, so I just drank it naked.

The vodka was spicy, but not lethally so - the flavour of the chili and ginger was still very present. This worked much better than my previous infusion attempts (blueberry, cranberry and vanilla, none of which quite worked).

I need a name for this drink, though, besides just "green chili martini"
Tags: booze

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