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It appears that the weights-before-cardio strategy is effective - the soreness from Tuesday night's lower body workout has (hopefully) peaked today, which is a sign that I hit the right intensity level. Good weight workouts for me generally hurt the most two days after. Next week, we will try this with both upper and lower body. CArdio was hard as hell after the weights, which was to be expected.

My experimentation with HIIT worked out fairly well, too - I burned more calories, according to the machines, was less bored, and yet felt less drained afterwards. I don't know if I want to move all my cardio over to HIIT, but I'm definitely going to keep it up for the days when I work out at lunch and don't have much time.

My weight is kind of unstable - swinging up and down. This is, I suppose to be expected, given my erratic eating habits, which are likely confusing the hell out of my body. It still seems that I will have to think about replacing all my pants again within the next 4-6 months, and I already need a new belt or two. This should be the last downsizing of pants, I think - it'll put me back at the size I was at the end of high school, when I was skinnier than I ever expect to be again. On the other hand, I think men's clothing sizes have changed in the past ten years - I have a pair of old 34 waist jeans that fit a lot tighter than any of the other size 34 pants that I've bought in the past year. I suspect that if one used a tape measure, one would find that most men's pants are an inch or two bigger than the label says they are, these days.
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