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Two dreams from Tuesday night. I cannot remember the dream I had in my head when I woke up this morning, which annoys me. I have to "stick" a dream in my head within 15 minutes of waking up or I lose it, and I got distracted during my shower, so it is gone now.

The first dream:

I was in a small house/appartment, in the living room, which had beige carpet and dark furniture. I was there with Zil, Northbard, and the cute girl from the Forest Hill LCBO. It was the LCBO girl's home. She was younger than she is in real life, and was still living with her parents. We were sitting around, trying to look stuff up online (possibly pagan stuff?), and finding that all the pages were blocked by some kind of weird filtering software that restricted her to "godly"/christian sites. LCBO girl's mother came home, and we were trying to convince her that it was unfair and unethical to restrict access to information. I made a hat out of some green and black cloth, and Northbard put it on - when he did, it became a large rastafarian style wool beret, complete with fake dreads. NB went to the bathroom after putting the hat on, and the dream ended.

The second dream:

I was still with Zil and NB, but now Tormenta was with us. We were on a boat at the Lake Ontario shoreline, which was bleaker and greyer than it is in reality. The boat was docked. As we were getting onto the boat, NB decided to take a quick swim, and hopped into the water. At that point, the rest of us looked out and noticed that it was cold, and that the water was rough. The waves kept coming into the shore, but instead of breaking, they just kept adding to the last wave, so the wall of water kept rising higher and higher. We all got onto the boat, and realised that when that water fell, the boat might capsize.

We all started climbing a metal ladder that connected the boat to some kind of iron building set into a cliff face at the shore. The metal was all painted the pale green I associate with schools and hospitals. We came out into a small room with a McDonald's counter in it. There was no way out, as the ladder was no longer a safe exit, and the only door lead into the back room of the McDonalds. The McDonald's was scarier than such places are in real life (where they're just gross) - there was somethign sinister going on, possibly having to do with slavery or forced cannibalism. The dream ended with us all trapped there while the flourescent lights in steel cages flickered overhead.
Tags: dreamtime

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