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Last week I had a dream about a group of students ina beat-up, waterstained house. They were paying some kind of game tht got too real. They all had to gear up and go down below the house into water-filled caverns filled with Lovecraftian monsters, to "explore" and escape the apparent doom that kept them from leaving the house any other way.

Last night, I dreamt of werewolves. There were werewolves troubling the people of where-ever, and there was a group of monster hunters trying to stop them. Gunn from Angel had tracked down a werewolf, and jumped out from under a desk to attack one. He was wearing a skin tight silver bodysuit with various straps and buckles on it, and also had a crossbow. I think the phrase "silver bullet" was used. The werewolf was subdued, and then Gunn and the other monster hunters left the small house the fight had been in.

At that point, the dream went left, and now there were dragons. Gunn and the werewolves were gone. The dream POV followed a small dragon through the sky. Somehow, the dragon was being "ridden" though I couldn't tell if that meant a person on its back, or a person in its mind. The latter became more likely as the dream progressed. There was a pretty dragons-flying-over-green fields sequence, and the youngest dragon separated off to one side. The young, blue dragon was female. There was a much larger dragon with two small "pups" wheeling off to the left above an abandoned amusement park. Somehow, it was obvious that one of the pups was not being "ridden". As the blue dragon approached, the wind ruffled her fur (why the dragons had fur, I do not know). When she got there, it was clear that the older dragon was just somethign rigged up by the old amusement park - an automaton on a frame and track. The pup dragons were gone by that point.
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