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Do something every day...

The saying is "do something every day that scares you". Besides phones, most of the things I'm scared of, I am afraid of for good reason. I haven't managed every day, but I'm at two this week so far.

I recently discovered something was making me uneasy, though. I've been muttering about going to a life drawing class of some kind for a while. An exemplary individual found me a drop-in life drawing class in Toronto that meets every week. Last week, I intended to go, but partly due to me fretting about it, I did not go, and was upset about not going.

So, this week, I made myself go down to the Gladstone Hotel and do the class. I haven't drawn a person from life since high school, ten years ago, and I have never drawn a nekkid person before. It was fantastic - I've always been too busy looking at naked women to really *look* at them before, if you know what I mean. My drawings looked like a human woman, though not that closely like the person I was drawing. I am going to keep working on my figure drawing, though I don't know if I am going to go every week - once a month is my goal for the moment.

Also, the room where the class takes place is immediately next to the bar, and is licensed, so there is beer/cider while drawing. This is truly civilized.

I was in a surly mood earlier, but I am willing to declare today a success.
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