Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Ok, I needed that.

Around 1:20, I grabbed my backpack and took off down the street, and jogged to the gym. Then I stretched, did abs and pullups, and went through my long, painful lower body workout. Then I did some kung fu forms, and jogged back home. I arrived about 10 minutes ago.

The massive pain in the side of my neck has gone, for now, though I suspect it'll sneak back in. My legs are shaking like jello. I have learned a few things:

  • It's warmed outside than I thought it was.

  • My backpack weighs 15 pounds when I have a change of clothes and my gym paraphernalia in it.

  • 15 pounds seems like a lot when you're carrying it while jogging.

  • This "fresh air" you speak of is not easy to breathe. I am coughing like a smoker now. *

  • The up side to ending a workout at home? I can jump into a nice warm bath. Which I plan to do now.

* While some of this might be pollution/allergies, it's more likely that I'm using closer to my lungs' full capacity than I have in a few weeks. This always makes me hack up goo that has settled deep into my lungs. Aren't you glad you read this footnote now?

I had a plan that involved me getting in 3 full workouts by Tuesday so I could relax for games night and the long weekend, however, I forgot I have a nutritionist appointment tomorrow night, which will throw that off. I'll have to squeeze in an upper body workout Wednesday before games night, or perhaps Thursday, depending on how the week treats me.

Now, to the bath, for I am sore, and stink like an ogre's armpit.

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