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Ah, Spring.

The weather is warm and the sun is bright and strong.

You all know what that means! It's time for...

Smog! The city was banked in a thick layer of brown as I drive to work this morning. A lovely little reminder of how I'm changing the world in my own little way, each day.

Bugs! The pond outside the office at work clearly doesn't drain properly, as the area around the office was thick with wee bitey bugs when I went for a walk at lunch.

Goose shit! The land around the pond was more goose turd than mud. The grass that was planted last fall has died, leaving a cracked flood plain beside the pond, covered in goose shit in various degrees of composition. The geese only left for about 4 weeks this winter before returning to poop around out artificial, bug-filled pond.
Tags: there_is_a_god_and_he_hates_me, update, weather

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