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I woke up this morning with blood in my mouth. Hopefully, my day will improve from this rather than continue in this vein.

It didn't much - I only got a chance to finish this post now, instead of this morning when I started it. Also, waking up with a mouthful of blood just means I had a nosebleed in my sleep - annoying and unplesant, but not anything to worry about.

Three dreams to report.

I dreamt that I was in university. There was a prof, and two students, one female, one male. The prof was up to some kind of mischief, and the girl and I got dragged along. There was a high speed race along twisty dirt roads at night in an old, beat up red car, and a bit with a hovercraft. There was some kind of conspiracy that the prof was trying to upset. The prof looked kind of like Sean Connery, and behaved like Doctor Who. Both students had dark hair. There was some kind of romance between the prof and the girl, which was prevented from being complicated by my being gay in the dream.

I was at a doctor's office with my mother and brother. The colour palette was entirely yellows and oranges, even the parts that were clearly supposed to be pale institutional green. The doctor was a specialist of some kind. I was waiting for my appointment, but went off into an empty office and was talking to my mother about something trivial. It was around 11:30, and my appointment was at 11:45. By the time I was done in the room, it was noon, and the doctor and his receptionist/nurse had vanished - I had missed my appointment, and would have to phone in and set up another one.

I was living in a apartment/dorm with four or five other people. One of them, I suspect, was corwin77. Two of the housemates didn't show up very often - at one point, I opened the door to the apartment, and was face to face with a tall black man. It took me a second to remember that he lived there. When I remembered that, his shirt disappeared. The fifth roommate was a young woman, whose only appearance in the dream featured her in a very small, very pink t-shirt and not much else. She was briefly someone I know, then became someone more generic. The entire dream had the feeling of a promo for some reality TV show.
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