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First, meta-dreamtime; why is it that, when I have sex dreams about people I know, it's so rarely people I would sleep with in real life? I wonder if my subconscious has a symbolism in mind for sex with someone in dreamtime, or if there's a common thread in the people it picks for me to have sex with in dreams. I am not, however, going to start recording all the unexpected people I fuck in my dreams on LJ - that's too much sharing, even for me.

Now, the actual dream. I don't recall last night's dream, but I do remember Wednesday night's.

I dreamt that I was getting married. neeuqdrazil was there with me, helping out, but she wasn't the one I was marrying. I was worried that I was getting married to someone I hadn't even kissed yet - worried because I thought I might mess up the kiss at the end of the ceremony. It turns out I was marrying tygerdsebat. She was still married to bleakenigma as well, but everyone was okay with that - he was helping her get ready. The colour palette in the dream was like a modern comic book - the bright colours were a little too bright, the greys too grey, and things were too shiny for their texture.
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