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Feeling good

I love the gym, sometimes.

I'm buzzing mildly on endorphins.

When I look back on today, it was a day of things going right. In fact, it was a day of Good Things:

  • Crossing more things off of my to-do list than I added to it.

  • Managing to improvise a healthy dinner with stuff found in the fridge, thus avoiding yet another meal of the Curry of Doom.

  • Big bag of gingery chai masala that mixes well with a little sweetener and milk, even when I don't have time to put it in tea

  • Reading outside at lunch

  • Getting away with purple hair at work this week

  • Personal trainer didn't show up for my session today, which meant I got to do Body Combat this week after all.

  • Driving home when the sun was still up, with the window down, and managing to dodge the worst of the traffic.

  • Finding a random weird board game in the recycling on my way in.

  • The surprising success of sympathetic magic.

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