Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview meme 6

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

1. How are you able to keep your time and emotional commitments to
neeuqdrazil while being actively involved in a polyamorous

Planning and communication; we have to explicitly schedule "time for
us", because just living together doesn't guarantee quality time. We
both have to talk about whether or not we feel our needs are being
met, which means asking for time if we need it.

2. Were you born and raised in the GTA? If not, where were you
born and raised?

I was born at Mt. Sinai hospital in Toronto, and grew up half in
Streetsville, and half in Oakville.

3. Favorite movie, song and painting?

Movie? Changes frequently. A short list would include The Crow, The
Princess Bride, and The Matrix. As for song? No way I can narrow it
down to even a short list... Painting? Perhaps Munch's Scream,
though I'm fond of Picasso's Blue period, and Modigliani's work, too.

4. What's the most appealing and most annoying part of your job,
and what attracted you to that field?

The most appealing part is playing with new problems and making shiny
things. The most annoying thing would be getting paged in the middle
of the night, closely followed by politics and lack of proper planning.

5. Tell me one thing you miss from your childhood?

Being able to make a bird whistle noise by blowing between my front teeth.
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