Curgoth (curgoth) wrote,

Interview meme 7

Interview meme time again. Comment if you want to be questioned.

1. Who is your favourite author?

Either David Brin or Barbara Hambley, depending on who's book I've
read more recently. Honourable mentions go to Neal Stephenson and
Neil Gaiman.

2. Are you planning any more tattoos, and if so, what are they to be?

I've got my next 5 planned. :) I want a small moon and stars on the
inside of each wrist, in blue, white and black. I want a raven,
seated and looking outwards, on each shoulder blade. And I want a
tree along my spine, with a dragon coiled in the roots. I've been
thinking about doing the tree in a sort of
bio-mechanical/techno-organic style to incorporate geekdom into the imagery.

3. Favourite video game?

Monkey Island 2.

4. Roleplaying game? Why?

Probably Amber, because despite its flaws, it's got the most playable
diceless system I've run into so far.

5. What is magic(k) to you?

The act of tricking ones self into behaving as though reality were
other than it is. Sometimes, it involves tricking reality, too.
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